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Relationship Recovery & Personal Development

Coach Kim Gordon

I help men and women get their ex back by becoming securely attached and realising their inherent self-worth.

Certified in relationship recovery by Coach Lee Wilson and Coach Ken Fox. IAT trained professional by Thais Gibson.

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Relationship Recovery

When your ex breaks up with you, they have often thought about it for a long time before ending it. It’s not as simple as trying to convince them or beg and plead. Get your ex back with my advice based on the assessments and principles used for 20 years by ex back coaches Lee Wilson and his staff Coach Ken.

Attachment Style Relationship Recovery

Every attachment style ends a relationship and reacts to the breakup for different reasons. Get your ex back with my knowledge of attachment styles and their breakup behavioural patterns based on Thais Gibson’s 10-year practice in healing the attachment style challenges within couples.

Personal Development

If you had a lot of relationship problems and attachment challenges, it’s easy to feel responsible for the breakup. As an IAT trained coach I can teach you the tools to work through these and become securely attached in the reconciliation process.


“Literally perfection. And done in few words, it’s straight forward and easy to digest, mucho uncomplicated. Spot on”.


“I talked with Kim and was very happy I chose her to confide in. She was kind and compassionate, as well as educated about relationships and self-care”.


“It’s one of those moments where you know the answer but hearing it from someone else who is much more knowledgeable than you are puts it into perspective. Thank you so very much for the insight”.

— Santos


Based in Sydney, Australia